Frequency Lists for the Tri-states

Here are the frequency lists for Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Just click the links.




If you want to make a custom list for the UV5R radios, click this link —> uv-5r

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Great Meeting!

Thanks Robert KC0CJS for your demonstration on programming radios!


Edited by KC0CJS for consistency.

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Ham Nation Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh WB6ACU was on the Ham Nation.

 Click here and WATCH!

Jerry W0SAT

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Baofeng Radios for Sale!


We have three radios priced at $40 a piece.

If you already have one of these radios or plan on purchasing one, check out our Baofeng UV5R page for programming these radios.

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We need volunteers

Next Saturday there’s a bike race in Dubuque County and the organizer would like to have Amateur Radio Operators set up on the route to transmit messages.

Here is a link to information on the race and check out our events tab for additional info. 

Please email or call KJ4HYJ on the local repeater we at least need three volunteers.

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W1AW/Ø Centennial Station Operators Needed

Hey Gang!

As you may or may not be aware, this is the centennial year for the ARRL and here is an opportunity for you to be a part of that celebration.

I happened to meet Jason Joens, NRØX, at his home station today while traveling back to Dubuque from Iowa City. In the course of our converstation, he advised me that the ARRL Centennial Call W1AW/Ø is slated to be operating the week of March 26th to April 1, 2014.  He is looking for Ops to help fill in the time slots on various bands and modes and I promised to pass this info along to the members of WØDBQ.

You can get more info from his webpage at  On that page, the schedule is under the link at the top-left corner of the page and the link to the operating guide is just below the schedule link.

If you have questions, email him direct at  

I have also invited him to check into the club net as he should be able to hit it from Martelle.

73 de KDØMCV

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Many of you may be interested in this show. Tune in on Sunday nights from 8-9pm CST on FOX.

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Jan-Feb Newsletter

The first newsletter from GRARC for 2014 has been posted! Check it out at

Thanks to Mike (NS0U) for another great newsletter!

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Club Roster Updated

The Club Roster page has been updated. This is the current list of members provided to me. If there are any error with names, call signs, or your name/call sign is missing, please feel free to email me or join the Sunday Night Net and let us know.

email me at email1email2


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Changes to

The theme of the site has been updated to a modern theme. Not only has the theme changed but the site is now capable of scaling to a tablet or smart phone. Please feel free to let us know of any issues in the comments, or on the Sunday night net.

As we continue to improve the site and update the content you may see several changes. Please bear with us a while longer. We know a lot of the information on the website is not accurate and much of it is incomplete.

Finally I would like to ask folks to send in any pictures they would like to be used as the banner for the site. Currently we have a picture of Dubuque’s Main St. from the early 1970′s. This doesn’t really represent the “great river” very well.  Since David (KJ4HYJ) already has his email listed on the site, please send the pictures to his email address at



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G.R.A.R.C VEC Testing Dates

May 10

August 9

October 10